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🙂 Hello, I am Sally Tan, PhD, King's College London - Education Professional Studies Research
I lead an experienced professional team of former MOE teachers - who are our tuition coordinators - to make 100% Successful Matches. Every time


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The majority of tutors in Singapore currently prefer to conduct online lessons. Thus, if you are OK with lessons being held online, it is likely that there will be more experienced tutors who apply for your assignment.

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Largest Tuition Agency | Effective Home Tuition Singapore | Dedicated Private Tutors Singapore | MOE Teacher | Professional Tutoring

Every Year Since 2005, We Help Satisfied Students To Quickly Score Significantly Higher Marks
It is the quality of the tutors that determine how Much Your Grades Will Improve

We are the only tuition agency in Singapore that hires former MOE teachers from top schools, as our tuition coordinators.

We do so because only properly-trained MOE teachers can understand what students truly need from their home tutors in order to study crucial content that determines if they will pass or score distinctions for their subjects.

Choose from over 29,000 MOE teachers, tutors with PhD’s/Master’s/Bachelor’s degrees, or high-achieving university undergraduates. They each specialize in the subject that you are seeking tuition in.

Tuition matching is FREE, and you pay only for lessons that were conducted. Tutor rates are fair, and reflect the tuition teachers’ abilities to quickly improve the grades of their students, as well as their own academic achievements.

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Expert tutors GUARANTEED

Professional and experienced tutors guaranteed.  Every time.

Select from between 4 to 10 effective tutors with between 2 to over 30 years of proven track records of improving their students’ grades, shortlisted from our extensive database of over 29,000 active qualified tuition teachers.

Prepare For Important Exams

Revise Thoroughly, Correctly Read The Tricky Exam Questions, Prevent Careless Mistakes, Confidently Answer Challenging questions

Largest Tuition Agency | Effective Home Tuition Singapore | Dedicated Private Tutors Singapore | MOE Teacher | Professional Tutoring

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tuition agency
tuition agency

Tuition Centre Or Hire Experienced Tutors?

Students benefit the most when they have private tuition.

The leading authority on educational psychology Benjamin Bloom found that the average students who hire experienced tutors performed 98% better than students who learn through conventional instructional methods.’s_2_Sigma_Problem

Benefits Of Group Tuition

Tuition centres usually have developed their own curriculum, to supplement what you have been studying in school. 

Their monthly rates are also typically slightly cheaper than the rates when you hire experienced tutors.  

Some students thrive in a classroom situation, as it helps them be focused and disciplined, just like what they are used to doing in school.

They also find it fun to have other students around whom they can chat with during the breaks.

Better Results When You Hire Experienced Tutors

No matter how good a tuition centre teacher is in delivering the centre’s curriculum, they cannot give you 100% of their attention. 

They also cannot customize lesson plans, teaching style and the curriculum according to your preferences. 

This is because they have at least 5 other students in their tuition centre class. 

The lesson plan is pitched at the average student in tuition classes, so the teaching style and lesson plan may or may not suit your needs.

Customized Private Tuition Lessons When You Hire Experienced Tutors

A private home tutor programme provides you with a dedicated tutor who can focus entirely on you.

Your committed tutor can plan the tuition sessions to revise areas that you are weak at, and focus on your upcoming tests and exams to make sure that you are keeping up and are able to really understand.

Hire Experienced Tutors And Learn Proper Study Strategies and Exam Skills

With this focused attention during home tuition, your qualified tutor can also pinpoint specific learning techniques and give advice on how you can improve on your studying methods.

Avoid Making Common Mistakes

The 1-to-1 attention that you receive from your private tutor can help you address your weak areas, focus on upcoming tests, complete homework assignments, and ace your exams. 

Your experienced tutor knows what were the common mistakes that other students made, and your tutor will tell you how to avoid them. 

Your home tutor can identify specific learning strategies that are tailored just for you.

Achieve Good Grades - Hire Experienced Tutors

Lagging behind other students in any subject is demoralizing. 

And even when you are topping your class/cohort, you want to be sure that you can maintain your ranking exam after exam.

Tuition does not replace lessons in school. 

Tuition does help you to make sure that every minute of your time spent studying is effective, compared to if you have to do it on your own.

Start private tuition today, so that you will be well-prepared for success in the PSLE, GCE O Level and/or the GCE A Level exams – and your school exams.

Qualified And Reliable Tutors - When You Hire Experienced Tutors

Our extensive database of tutors includes current and former MOE teachers, university undergraduates, full-time tutors, and university lecturers.

Their hourly rates range from $30/hr (experienced undergraduates) to $130/hr (Heads of Departments at MOE schools, teachers at leading MOE schools). 

These are set by our tutors, and the rates vary according to the tutor’s track record and academic qualifications.

Super Tutors has attracted Singapore’s best and most qualified tutors because we share a common goal – to help students succeed.

Competitive School Environment

Many of our clients tell us about the competitive and stressful environment in school.

If you are concerned about your grades, it is advisable to seek help as soon as possible and hire experienced tutors.

It can be very difficult to catch up once you fall behind.  

The syllabus for all your subjects is taught at a very intense pace all the way until about 1 or 2 months before the final exams.

Difficult And New Content To Learn Everyday

Students sometimes complain that too much is being crammed into each year, and teachers sometimes rush through every semester in an attempt to catch up with what they need to teach in order to complete the curriculum. 

Some schools also conduct mandatory holiday crash courses for their students, to help them try to catch up.

Largest Tuition Agency | Effective Home Tuition Singapore | Dedicated Private Tutors Singapore | MOE Teacher | Professional Tutoring

Hire Experienced Tutors To Help You Learn More Effectively

Hire a reliable tutor to help you navigate, so that you can understand the subjects faster. 

This frees up your time to do other things – like relax!

Singapore’s Best Tutors

Super Tutors has over 29,000 qualified and experienced tutors in our team. We use the latest MOE syllabus and teach according to the current exam requirements.

If you are looking for a private tutor, we have at least 29,000 high quality and successful tutors for you to choose from.

We regularly maintain and update our database, and we retain the details of tutors only if we want to continue working with them.

We always prioritize quality over quantity because it is the quality of the tutors that determine how successful the tuition will be.

Attentive, Dedicated And Diligent

Every year since 2005, our accomplished tutors help students achieve consistent improvements of at least 10 to 20 marks.

We definitely can help you too.

During your first home tuition session, your private tutor will review your level of subject mastery, teach you effective learning methods, and provide appropriate extra practice exercises that are crucial for proficiency in the subject, and help you with homework.

Most importantly, your tuition teacher can put you firmly on track to achieve better grades.

Peace Of Mind

Each of the 4 to 10 qualified tutors whose profiles we will show you within 12 hours has a proven track record of quickly helping their students’ grades improve. 

You will learn practical and vital methods to evaluate, understand, analyze, and remember crucial content. Our tuition teachers will arm you with skills to apply and construct the most relevant answers to difficult exam questions.

Every week, you will interpret ideas and information, discover applicable solutions, and improve your understanding of the complex topics taught by your MOE teacher in school.

Within 1 month, you will achieve a deeper and broader understanding of concepts that are important during your exams. Your confidence will be driven by your stronger analytical skills when solving elaborate tasks required by the exam questions.


Quickly and easily choose your competent and experienced tutor, so that you can achieve better grades fast.

Our accomplished private tutors had themselves scored distinctions when they were students in Singapore schools, and they know how to guide you to score your own A’s and improved grades.

We have reliable and qualified tutors for:

  • Primary school subjects
  • PSLE subjects
  • Gifted Education Programme
  • Secondary school subjects (Integrated Programme, Express, Normal, International Baccalaureate Streams)
  • GCE O Level subjects
  • Junior College subjects (H1, H2, H3)
  • GCE A Level subjects
  • Polytechnic modules
  • University modules

Over 29,000 of Singapore’s most professional and knowledgeable tutors have registered with Super Tutors.

Largest Tuition Agency | Effective Home Tuition Singapore | Dedicated Private Tutors Singapore | MOE Teacher | Professional Tutoring

Singapore’s Best Team Of Successful Tuition Teachers

Every year since 2005, parents and students have trusted us with their tuition assignments, and we never disappoint. 

With our friendly and professional tuition coordinators, combined with a large team of over 29,000 dependable and effective tutors, it is easy for Super Tutors to quickly and accurately match a competent tutor for you. 


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It is the quality of the tutors that determine how
successful the Home tuition will be