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Exam Preparation

Some students view education as an obligation instead of a privilege. 

Yet, if we want to succeed in our careers and in life, we need to keep on learning, and to be good at exam preparation.

We need to learn not to be scholars, but to be able to make full use of opportunities that are created daily.

Be knowledgeable - it makes exam preparation easier

The information that is available globally doubles every few years. 

As a result, employers and clients value people who are knowledgeable, and who can add value to the goods and services that they produce.

Adults and students who resist the need to continuously learn will find that their careers will stagnate.

Exam preparation and how we can learn better

The good news is that we do not need extraordinary skills to be good at learning and still achieve exam success.

The most important factor really is our attitude toward learning. 

A positive attitude lets us relax, remember, focus and absorb information much more easily than if we decide to be resentful about having to learn.

Our attitudes toward exam preparation matters

This positive attitude allows us to welcome new experiences throughout our learning journey, and to recognize many different kinds of opportunities. 

And when we can see opportunities, hope increases.

Being positive 24/7 is difficult for all of us, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t try harder to maintain an optimistic attitude.

Successful exam preparation

Attitude can alter every aspect of our lives, including our education success. 

If negative attitudes are not changed, a student is not likely to continue his formal and informal education beyond what is minimally required.

Negative thinking is like a giant wall. It prevents good things from coming to us, keeps us from accomplishing our goals and blocks us from moving forward in life. We will not be able to effectively learn, grow or be happy.

Negative emotions prevent our brains from seeing the other options and choices that surround us.

Our moods affect successful exam preparation

When we are anxious or stressed out about everything we could not get done today, we might find it hard to get anything done productively tomorrow because we are paralyzed by how long our to-do list has become.

Or, if we are feeling bad about not eating healthily or not exercising, and all we can think of is how little will-power we have, or how lazy and greedy we are – we might end up binge eating and falling asleep after that.

When children lack motivation, they are not able to grasp the academic content that they need to learn. 

The response is often anger, and sometimes rebellion – when asked why they are not doing better at certain subjects.

Learned behavior

Attitude is learned behavior. This means that if we want to, we can learn to develop a habit of changing our attitude so that we have a positive – and not negative – perspective toward learning.

Reducing Stress Helps With Exam Preparation

Effective Exam Preparation -  How To Change Our Attitude

1. Motivation To Learn

Our motivation to learn is one of the most important factors affecting our attitude to learning. 

We know why we need to learn – or why we have to learn – a new skill. 

And of course, exam success.

But do we know why we WANT to learn? When we go shopping, we know that what we want and what we need are sometimes not properly aligned or prioritized.  

Or, we might say, “The teacher’s job is to make me interested, and he’s failing at it”

As students, our earliest exposure to learning was usually from our parents, and from primary school through to university, we study so that we can get the grades that make our parents happy.

When we decide to change our motivators from external (our parents, our teachers) to internal (our own), we turn all joy of mastering a subject or skill into something that we want to reward ourselves with. 

2. Be Clear About Our Learning Goals 

We need to know where we want to go to, before we get into our car or onto our bicycle to get us there

When setting goals for ourselves, we want to know what we want to achieve, by when. 

What do we need in order to get there, and how long will it take?

Write these down, decide what is realistic, and decide on how all this will be implemented by you

Track your progress, because small successes will bring you closer to your ultimate goal. 

And progress gives you increased confidence that you can do more

If you are doing things more slowly than expected, find ways to get back on track

Identify what are your fears toward the subject. Then list out the things you can do to eliminate those fears

Visualize a positive outcome each time you start studying. 

Most of us will want exam success. 

Ask yourself how will it feel once you accomplish the goal. What does it mean to be successful? Why does success matter to you? Remind yourself of the positive outcomes to look forward to

Remove negative self-talk. Emotionally, it is easy for us to tell ourselves that we can’t quite see ourselves doing the learning, we are too young/too old/too early/too late. 

Replace that with “Now is the right time to do it.”

3. Turn Learning Into A Habit

Our bodies like habits. Regular times to wake up, sleep, have meals. 

When you develop a practice of studying regularly, it becomes a welcome routine and on the days that you do not study, you might even miss the activity. 

OK, maybe not really. 

But having a regular time for studying helps you know that you have allocated time for serious work. 

This reduces anxiety that we may have about homework and exams.

Positive attitude to learning is not something we are born with – it needs time and effort to be developed and nurtured. But turning learning into a habit is definitely doable. 

If your regular time to study Science is say at 5pm and you don’t feel like doing worksheets today. Go onto the internet and research the lives of scientists. 

See what motivated them, the struggles they had each time they failed. 

You will see Science in a different light, and you will like learning about Science a little more.

Skills to help us feel contented and calm 

In addition to having a positive mindset, we also need to feel a general sense of well-being.

We should:
1. Recognize a positive event every day
2. List a personal strength, and note how we used it this past week
3. Practice mindfulness. Focus on the here and now, rather than the past or future

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